As you can see the data of GDP divided by the number of people in each countries, the country that fulfills its potential beyond its economic power more effectively and productively is the United States than the rest of advanced countries, needless to say.

On the contrary, the country that doesn’t perform at its full potential among advanced countries is Japan. When we see national power ranking, Japan ranks in a high poistion but we Japanese misunderstand that this is because Japan has capability.

There might be some people saying “It is really stupid theory that makes us believe that Japan doesn’t have capability.” and not recognizing the truth. For example, supposing that Japanese potential is 100 (assuming that I can simply express the power of Japan in number for explanation as 100) and Japan only performs its potential of 50, which means simply the same as the country whose potential is 50 performs its full potential of 50.

Japan’s GDP amount is third biggest in the world but we we see the data of productivity divided by the number of people in Japan, Japan ranks in 27. This means simply the number of population raise up its rank position. GDP = population x productivity. Unless population increases, there is no other ways to maintain or raise up the position of GDP but to improve people’s productivity. This is very simple logic.

We already have so many discussions from business world that Japan needs to tackle with this problem along with immigration policy. It is true that there are some politicians that agree immigrant acceptance to make Japanese economy grow.

But in case of Japan, it is even possible to stimulate economic growth by improving bad productivity economic system and filling wage gap between male and female and proceeding with work-sharing.
The reason that the Japanese government tries to accept immigrants aggressively without doing these counter-measures is because the government is not really good at doing economic constructive analysis.

Even if Japan accept immigrants now, it doesn’t really work to Japanese economy in positive way. It seems like the Japanese government thinks how to attract and invite foreign people who have high educational background to get them to work in Japan seriously.

However if people with high educational background start working in Japan, they probably change ineffective and non-productivity system itself. What is discussed now in parliament of Japan is drawing self-serving scenario that makes non-Japanese people work in Japan and have them earn medical expenses and pension to cover the cost of these expenses for Japanese retired old people in an extreme case. This is not really different from slave system.

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