Hi, this is Yu. This is an offering article.

Is there something you get stuck on about your living in Japan?

Why don’t you tell me difficulties that you face now about your life in Japan?

I have been keeping on creating articles towards non-Japanese people who live in Japan in order to solve their problems.

But I am Japanese and I am living my life in Japan without any inconvenience. I have ever tried to write article to be able to help someone who need information to support their lives based on my biased thoughts.

But actually, I don’t truly understand the difficulties non-Japanese have while living in Japan. So if there is something you struggle and get stuck on about your life in Japan, I want you to feel free to write comments down below.

I am not a specialist to help someone legally like a lawyer and I don’t know how helpful I can be but I am really happy my giving information is the trigger for changing people’s action and leads to solving their problems.

I, of course, try my best to collect information as much as possible and create easy-to-understand articles here.

I know this website is still rough and amateurism but I want this website to share and answer people’s worries and troubles.

Japan is not immigrant-friendly country

All information that supports non-Japanese residents in English which you could find on the internet seem to be not sufficient at the moment. Web pages about supporting non-Japanese residents in English which the Japanese authorities publish on the internet are extremely fewer than that in Japanese.

This is as if Japan takes its stance that all immigrants living in Japan somehow understand Japanese. Understanding Japanese is a kind of implicit substantial qualification to be granted permission to stay in Japan other than your legal visa status because there is a ton of things you are in trouble if you don’t totally understand Japanese.

In a current situation, application forms and request forms which you can get in municipal office is mostly written in Japanese. So if non-Japanese residents apply for something in a municipal office, they need to understand what an application form says at least in Japanese. For that reason, people who don’t understand Japanese request municipal procedures to an administrative scrivener with high commotion rate.

I sign over this situation the Japan is not immigrant friendly society although the Japanese government promotes ostensibly its attractive culture to the world to attract more people to come. Of course, people who are prepared to live in Japan should be able to understand a little bit of Japanese in advance.

But I hope Japan could show its understanding to the problem of new immigrants who are not good at speaking Japanese and take measures for English based municipal procedure system if the Japanese government supports its policy of increasing immigrants in Japan.

For example, I need a comment from people like…

  • Not understanding what kind of certificates need to be prepared to renew visa status → I will answer by collecting information on the internet, book and asking to the immigration directly on the phone.
  • Not understanding what an application form says in Japanese → I will translate it into English and indicate what you need to fill out the form
  • Not understanding what to do to overdue problems like application submitting deadline is already passed. → I will tell you what to do in accordance with an indication from the authority.
  • Not understanding how to make friends in Japan → I will introduce a nice party where there are a lot of Japanese or do I become your friend?
  • Any questions can be welcomed. If you are worried about something, I will answer it with my whole heart.

    Why I do this thing

    This is completely my voluntary dedication. I don’t think I hope all my effort lead to making money on my website but my dedication of creating this website comes only from my motivation that I want to help someone who is in trouble.

    I know it is really naive motivation but I think it is pretty natural thing to help someone else who is in trouble.

    When you are really in trouble, you know how much you are saved if only one dedication from someone shows you a path to step forward.

    I used to make my living in several countries. When I was stuck on any procedures on living in a country, local people were to support me with unsparing generosity.

    No one helped me reluctantly but they came close to me with perfect smile and took care of my worries and encouraged me.

    This is repaying for their kindness and as I said on my profile, I am running this website with the feeling of reciprocation to the countries where I used to stay. This is my turn to help you living in Japan.

    I think there are a lot of things you feel inconvenience to your life in Japan, compared to your life in your country. I want to reach out my hand to a person like you.


  1. William

    Hi Yu Oi,
    I have a little questions hoping that you can help me with.
    1)I am Singaporean by birth of cos Singapore national. I studied in Japan before under college but that time, my VISA was spouse visa as I married Japanese female (1996), but now I am divorced long time ago, which means I am not on any visa or Japanese spouse related anymore.
    2)I have a child now 3 years old and I plan to bring him to Japan to study because I studied there and I still love the cultural and teachings to children in Japanese way but I do not know how I can start to bring my child when he is older like Elementary age
    3)But I thought may be I could do some investment in buying a house for rental into AIR B n B, so that I can start some where and then may be have a plan in near future soon to get my child to study in Elementary school in Japan
    4)I have no interest in CITY TOKYO like but more to the inner province (INAKA), places like KARUIZAWA or GUNMA or NAGANO prefecture
    5) I am 55 years old and I hope to start my child young to study there where I can use some money to invest, open a shop or rent out resort etc.
    6) I visit Japan at least 3 times a year to max. 5 times for work and for holiday and am very familiar with areas and I speak Japanese and work in Japanese company but it is subsidiary company in my own country in Singapore

    What will be your best advice? Is there a way to bring my child there to study? and what I will need to do in many steps?
    As I know Japan is facing aging population as well while the government is hoping more of in-flux of foreigners for future young adults for Japan

    Thanks so much, take your time to reply, I will wait patiently. Thank you so much YuOi

    1. YuOi

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      And I am really sorry that I haven’t replied back your comment for three months. I actually have been leaving my website unattended for a couple of months and I didn’t realize you sent me a comment. I am sorry but I will take good care of what you want me to answer about the question you sent me.

      When I think about your situation where you don’t have any visa status to stay in Japan as a resident and you belong to the subsidiary of a Japanese company located in Japan, the most realistic plan that you can make is that you ask for redeployment to the headquarters and come to Japan with Intra-company transferee visa. But, if you want to open your business in Japan and run a company as a business manager, you also have a choice of getting visa status, “business management”.

      This visa status is for foreigners who start up business in Japan. If this visa application is accepted, you are granted permission to stay in Japan for 4 months as preparation period of establishing your business. After 4 months you can renew your business management visa for the next 1 year. There are some conditions to acquire this visa. I summarized this information in the article below. Please check this out.


      If you come to Japan with “business management visa”, your child can also come to Japan with “dependent visa”. You can apply for “dependent visa” at the same time as you apply for “business management visa”.

      If you think about investing Japanese real estate on the premise that you are doing business on Airbnb, you have to pay carefully attention to the Hotel Business Act that regulates this Airbnb business to some extent. Because, Airbnb business is categorized and recognized as Hotel business depending on the types of operation in Japan. If you want to start this kind of business in earnest, you may have to do registration at the Tourism agency (government office).

      I feel the number of foreigner residents in Japan are surely increasing and I often see western guys walking along a street and they blend in with the Japanese community’s normal life. It is for sure that the Japanese government attracts foreigners to come to Japan. However, it seems like the government choose the foreigners with severe conditions, who can stay in Japan permanently.

      I hope you can resolve your question. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me. I just answer it as long as I know.

      Thank you very much.

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