This article is for students abroad coming to a Japanese university, a Japanese graduation school or a Japanese vocational school for many years, who don’t have permanent resident status but student visa.

I think there are many students abroad coming to study in Japan who worry about their funds. In terms of staying costs and academic fees or school expenses, you may face a situation that you have to make do on a very small budget even though you could somehow borrow a student loan in your country and your parents send you some allowance on an irregular basis and you do a part-time job that somehow helps your living in Japan.

I want you to check this article first. This article mentions how difficult non-Japanese resident without permanent resident status takes up a loan in Japan. Generally, you are required to satisfy the following conditions.

  • Applicants shall principally have permanent resident status.
  • If an applicant doesn’t have permanent resident status, applicant’s spouse must be a Japanese.

In short, if you don’t have permanent resident status, you are to be already married to a Japanese as of taking up a student loan. There are few students who clear this condition. Japanese financial institutions are really hesitant about making a loan to foreigners without an evidence of settling in Japan as a home base.

No student loan and no credit card loan, but only consumer finance is available but it is even difficult way…

There are dozens of consumer finance companies specializing in student loan in Japan but no company for a student loan in Japan accepts applications from foreign students except for students with permanent resident status. Well, it is hard to think that a student with permanent resident status is defined as a foreign student or a student abroad anyway.

Japanese banks also provide student loan products but they also have the same stance. No bank accepts applications from foreign students.

However, some consumer finance companies open their doors to non-Japanese applicants without permanent visa in Japan.

Is it possible for foreigners to take up a credit card loan in Japan?

This is an article about if foreigners in Japan can take up a credit card in Japan but the loan conditions and screening criteria to foreign residents are not really different between a credit card loan and other loan products in Japan. As per the content mentioned in “Consumer finance companies” in this article, Aiful, Promise, Acom, SBMC Mobit are the only places where you can take up a loan.

Actually, the facotr considered preferentially because of non-Japanese is just how long you have continued to live in Japan. Your age, income, savings and other factors included in the conditions are screened in the same way as other Japanese applicants’
Is it possible for foreigners to take up a credit card loan in Japan?

However, external conditions don’t perfectly link to a real financial institution’s stance. There might be a case that a person who handles your loan may require you to satisfy an additional condition to avoid the risks of uncollectible principle debt.

Things you pay attention to you apply for a loan to consumer finance companies

  • Duration of your stay granted by your student visa needs to remain for at least 1 year as of when you take up a loan
  • You have stable income from your part-time job

You just keep it in mind that these two things are a must to clear prior to going to borrow money.

In terms of the first condition, most of the financial institutions set a contract term as 1 year and automatically renew the term until after maximum 10 years. You need to have sufficient duration of stay for at least one year and preferably 2 years or more as of when you take up a loan.

Especially, the second thing is very important because the maximum loan value is based on 30 percent of your stable income. For example, if you earn 1 million yen annually by a part-time job, the maximum loan value comes to be 300,000 yen.

Of course, if you have a loan record that proves you took up a loan several times before, loan value is possibly enhanced. Anyway, finding a stable part-time job measures success and failure of the loan screening and how much you are loaned.

By the way, allowance from your parents cannot be counted as your income but you need to make money from a job in order to be accepted that you have a stable income in Japan.

If you learn more about the conditions for non-Japanese without permanent visa to take up loan in Japan, you just check the article down below.

7 conditions that non-Japanese without permanent visa need to fulfill to take up loan in Japan


    1. YuOi

      First thing first, if you are a non-permanent resident in Japan. The only financial institutions you can take up a loan in Japan are consumer loan companies. You should be reminded that you are forced to bear burden of high interest rate to principal amounts you borrow. You have to talk to solvency with your current income about whether you can pay back all amount you are planning to borrow. Aiful, SMBCmobit, Promise are the three biggest consumer loan companies that lend money to non-Japanese people without a permanent visa in Japan. If you want to know the procedure of taking up a loan, you just ask one of these consumer loan companies directly.

      I have to tell you one more thing about the points you pass through the screening of borrowing. There are normally 4 conditions to be fulfilled. 1) You have a full-time job. 2) You can read and write, and talk on the phone in Japanese very well. 3) You can prepare a resident card and other necessary documents. 4) you stay in Japan for the time being (which is at least for a sufficient period of time that you can pay back all debts to avoid payment default )

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