TUMOCA Express that provides the service of transporting lost items of foreign tourists’ tied up with Kyoritsu maintenance that runs hotel chain, “Dormy Inn”

TUMOCA Express is planning to provide international transporting service for lost items of foreign tourists.

The service contents are

  • Finding and reporting lost articles
  • Packing lost articles
  • Transporting lost articles to the address in tourist’s country

Lost article transporting service provided by TUMOCA is going to be gradually introduced hotel chain, “Dormy Inn”.

The number of foreign torists’ using Dormy Inn, which has 81 locations in Japan and 1 location in Korea, has increased rapidly. Especially, 90 percent of costomers staying in Onjuku Nono Dormy Inn in Namba is foreing tourists. Each hotel frequently finds lost items left by tourists and have received a lot of requests of sending lost items back to the tourist’s country so far.

TUMOCA Express international transporting service is introduced to about 100 thausands rooms of hotels all over Japan. It have an intention to expand its service to help and support those who are in trouble to lose possessions in hotels in Japan.

Company information

TUMOCA comapny information
Company name TUMOCA Express Co., Ltd.
CEP Shuichi Aramoto
Establishment First, April, 2018
capital 50 million yen
Head office Location Osaka
URL http://www.tumoca.com/service.html
TEL 06 6443 6020
FAX 06 6443 6022

Support center location

  • Hokkaido
  • Tokyo
  • Osaka
  • Kyoto
  • Okinawa

If you’re really in trouble because you left your stuff in a Japanese hotel after leaving Japan, you just give it a try to make an inquiry to this company if you can have your items transported to your country.

One thing you have to pay attention to is that lost items that this company can deal with are only the stuff that you can identify. According to this company, sensitive items that are quite difficult to be identified as your belongings cannot be transported to your country.

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