The online procedure of the payment of special benefit, 100,000 yen, to every single household as one of the economic support measure against coronavirus pandemic has started May first. Depending on the municipality, the reception has not started to accept yet. In this article, How you can make sure if the municipality where you belong to has already started paying the benefit or not.

Unfortunately, the website for the benefit application, managed by the government, can’t handle muptile foreign languages. So, for those who don’t understand Japanese words, I easily explain the way you can make sure when the benefit will be delivered.

First, you gonna search the website

The name of the website is “MAINA Portal”. Just in case you can’t find the website, I attach link right here → ““MAINA Portal

Second, you gonna click, “申請”, applicaiton

You click button on which “申請はこちら (you can apply from here)” is written.

Third, choose the prefecture and city, where you live now

After you click “申請はこちら”, new tab appears. You just scroll down the page and find the option lists of prefectures and cities of Japan. At least, you need to understand the prefecture and the city written in Kanji, where you live now.

After you choose the prefecure and the city, where you live, a word in red written as “特別給付金”, meaning special benefit, appears with a check box. You just click the checkbox.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you can find this button in light red. You just click it. “この条件でさがす” means “search with this condition.”

Then, in the next page, you clicked linked word, “手続き詳細はこちら (Procedure details)” in red

In the next page after you clikck,”手続き詳細はこちら“, if you scroll down to the bottom, you will find the button named “申請する”, which means “APPLY”.

If you can’t click this button with the proviso that says, “※受付期間外のため申請できません“, meaning the reception has not started to accept application yet, the municipality where you live hasn’t yet started to accept the application of the special benefit.

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