Remittence from overseas to the Japan Post Bank has two ways you receive money.

The first one is the way you receive money by your transfer savings account called “Furikaekouza (振替口座)” or by your general account called “Sougoukouza (総合口座)”

The second one is the way you receive money by converting the international postal money order to cash.


Remittance by corporation accounts from foreign financial institutions to Japan Post Bank or from Japan Post Bank to foreign financial institutions has finished on March 31st in 2020 and is no longer available now.
Unincorporated associations are also subject to discontinuation of remittance this time. In terms of individual personal accounts, you can remit as usual.

Likewise, Acceptance of payment for International Postal Money Order from the US to Japan will finish on June 30th. In addition, the international Postal Money Order can be paid back to a remitter at a post office in the US after payment period in Japan finishes.

Remittance money from a foreign bank account to a Japan Post Bank account

If the verification at the time of transaction of your Yucho account to receive remittance money has not been conducted yet. You need to go through the procedure of the verification at the time of transaction in advance at a Japan post bank or a savings window of the post office.

What is “the verification at the time of transaction” ?

This is a verification process that Japan Post Bank makes sure your occupation, the purpose of transaction, the date of your birth, your address and your name at the time you request a certain transaction to Japan Post Bank like newly opening your savings account, large cash transaction over 2 million yen and transfer cash over 100,000 yen into your savings account.

This needs to be done to avoid money laundering and trrorist Financing based on Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds and international standards.

Remittance from foreign bank account to Japan Post Bank

Remmitance of an account to Japan Post Bank will be in US dollars or Euro by way of designated intermediary banks

If you remmit funds from a foreign financial institution to a general bank account or a transfer savings account, you need the following information down below.

If there are omission and incorrect description on a remittance application form, Not only your remittance funds don’t reach an account of Japan Post Bank, but also your remittance funds may be returned back even after remittance transaction fee is collected by the intermediary bank.

In addition, there is a case that you can’t remit money to an account of Japan Post Bank depending on the remittance bank and the content of remittance. You firstly make sure if the bank you’re using can remit to Japan Post bank by way of an intermediary bank.

Currency USD EUR
Intermediary Bank Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas NY Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt
Intermediary Bank BIC
(SWIFT Code)
Beneficiary Bank
Japan Post Bank
Head Office
Beneficiary Bank Address
3-1, Otemachi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8793, Japan
Beneficiary Bank BIC (SWIFT Code)
Payee Account Number (if you remit to a transfer account)
First number (5 digits) – Second number (maximum 8 digits)
Payee Account Number (if you remit to a transfer account)
First number (5 digits) – Second number (maximum 1 digit)- Third number (Maximum 6 digits)
Name of Payee Account Holder
Your name
Payee Address
Your address
Payee Telephone Number
Your phone number

Points to make note of

  • When remitting money to an account of Japan Post Bank, Japan Post Bank will uniquely designate exchange rate of the date of remittance and it transfers money to an account in Japanese Yen.
  • Don’t omit information about the intermediary bank. If there is no place to put that information on the form, you should write it on the remarks column.
  • An intermediary fee will be deducted from remittance funds

    Remittance amount Intermediary fee
    More than 100 US dollars 10 US dollars
    More than 100 US Euro 5 Euro
  • There is a case that additional intermidiary fee except for the above will be collected
  • If remittances in USD are made from financial institutions in USA to a Japan Post Bank account, the CHIPS UID and BIC (SWIFT code) are both required.
    If remittances are made from overseas to a Japan Post Bank account, the ABA (Fedwire Code) and IBAN are not required.

  • Prior to transferring money into an account of Japan Post Bank, you may be required to submit the documents that reveal the remittance purpose. In that case, it takes longer time until remittance money is transferred into your account than usual. In addition, there is a case transferring money into your account is refused due to the result of screening. In this case, remittance money will be returned back to where you remit from.

  • You just make sure if the address and name of the beneficiary registered in Japan Post Bank account are the latest. Unless the information of the beneficiary is updated to the latest, remittance contents can’t be confirmed perfectly and then transfer will be denied.

Remittance money from a foreign postal office to a Japan Post Bank

You just check the details about remmitance type and currency at a postal office where you are going to remit from. You don’t need to put the information about an intermidiary bank, Beneficiary Bank CHIPS UID and Beneficiary Bank BIC (SWIFT Code) on the form

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