For those who live in an English speaking country and want to work in Japan, an English teacher is the first job to come up with easily in their mind. Japanese people’s English learning demands are quite a lot all through the ages.

The largest number of advertisements published on the Internet and TV commercials among the category of language education in Japan has been English conversation schools’ for over 10 years. If you watch TV in Japan, you may see at least one English conversation school’s commercial message. You may understand how big the English education market is in Japan.

The ratio of job offers to job seekers in education industry also tends to increase these days. However, an industry existing big market means there is a hard competitive environment in it. Certainly, there are a lot of job offers of English teacher for the people from an English speaking country. However, English education industry tends to prefer the quality of English teaching methods and place importance on an applicant’s job and education background.

Only your native ability to be able to speak English doesn’t make you help find a good job offer. So I want to talk about how to be an English teacher in Japan as answering the following questions which I happened to find on the search results.

In this article, I want to talk about the first question “>What qualification do I need to teach English in Japan?”

Teaching English in Japan, there are roughly 4 ways you can choose as long as I researched, which are,

  • ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) promoted by the Japanese government
  • English conversation teacher of private English school
  • English teacher of international school
  • English teacher of public Japanese school

These English teaching jobs often require you to have a degree of bachelor and have a working background in the language education industry. Especially, winning a full-time position in this industry, having a degree of bachelor is one of the priority condition you have to satisfy.

What qualification do I need to teach English in Japan?

If you don’t stick stubbornly to a full-time position, there are some English conversation schools that offer a kind of part-time position without a high educational background and professional working history as a teacher.

Anyway, Let’s check the following article if what you are required to become an English teacher in Japan.

What qualification do I need to teach English in Japan? [ALT and 10 major English conversation school companies’ qualifications lists]

ALT or private English conversation school teacher is probably the first educational institution that you will come up with when you think of woking as a English tacher in Japan. Needless to say, a bacheler degree is needed for application for any of choices here at least. Let’s see what else you need to get a job.

What qualification do I need to teach English in Japan? [ The qualifications lists of 10 international schools in Tokyo]

Most of international school in Japan don’t disclose recruiting conditions. But you should’t think you can apply easiy to an international school. Requirements standard for applicants is beyond comparison to other private English conversation school. Here is a place for people who has firm career design of child education to apply to.

How much do English teahers make in Japan

How much do English teachers make in Japan?

I researched stastics of Japanese teacher’s salary. You need to presume the salary on how much you can gsimilar teacher by statistics from several aspects. If a school you want to work for is a Japanese company, it should obey Japanese business custom. Therefore, salary structure should be smiliar.

How do I become an English teacher in Japan

Non-Japanese teachers have a chance to become an assistant home-room teacher in a Japanese school

It is very difficult career path for any foreginers to get a position of a homeroom teacher in a Japanese school. It is really strait gate to win the position but there is a successful case.

Is it possible for foreigners to work as a public school teacher in Japan continuously even after the expiration of ALT program?

Unfortunately, no-exceptionally, foreigner can’t get a position of full-time teacher in a Japanese public school even if you have Japanese teacher’s qualification. However, these is a way to work as a temporary teacher, supporting and assisting a full-time teacher and a homeroom teacher.