Can Foreign Students Take Up A Student Loan In Japan?

Even Japanese students suffer moneyless environment to survive in an expensive city where universities and colleges concentrate in spite of receiving allowance from their parents and getting income from part-time job. For non-Japanese students studying in Japanese university or college, I research if they can borrow money from student-loan finance companies in Japan.

Is It Possible For Foreigners To Take Up A Credit Card Loan In Japan?

Credit card loan is one of the easiest loans you can take up. Within the range of maximum loan value in accordance with the screening results, you can withdraw cash as many times as you want. However, it is mostly difficult for non-Japanese residents without permanent resident status to apply for credit card loan in Japan. I researched if there might be some financial consumers that will make a loan to even foreigners without permanent resident status.

6 Banks That Make A Home Loan For Non-Japanese Without Permanent Resident Status In Japan

For those non-Japanese people who live in Japan for long time and deicide to live in Japan permanently, buying a house as a home base in Japan is one of their goals.I just explain the conditions to take up a home loan in Japan for non-Japanese people.

Japanese saving methods. The things you pay attention to when you want to save costs of your living.

Saving money is much more constructive way to build your funds for your fusture investment. Here is a saving method of Japanese who is the nation best at saving money in the world. Saving money is equivalent to earning money. Let’s get rid of waste which costs you too much from your living!

7 Conditions that non-Japanese without permanent visa need to fulfill to take up loan in Japan

It is always difficult for non-Japanese without permanent visa to take up loan in Japan. Certainly, there are few financial institutions that accept loan appication for non-Japanese people without permanent visa. In this article I summierize the conditions that non-Japanese without permanent visa need to fullfill prior to take up loan in Japan.