How to become English teacher in Japan

Becoming an English teacher in Japan is one of the major choices you may come up with if you’ve ever though you wanted to work in Japan. But things are not so easy. Of course, English education market in Japan grows begger and bigger nowadays but in proportion of this, the conditions requiring to foreigners who want to become a teacher is harsher than before. You need to have prepared life plan to win a position of a English teacher in Japan. I introduce here about ALT and English conversation schools’ qualifications you need to have prior to application.

Rules of job interview in Japan. How to behave yourself, Your dress code, etc…

Job interview is a lifeline to win a position of a company you apply for. No exaggeratey, your behavior during interview is included in screening contents because Japanese companies place an importance on getting into step with other collegues in an office. How to behave your self during interview is one of the most importatnt decisive factors of weather you can pass thorugh the entance examination. You just learn the Japanese style business manners and give the best impression to interviewers.

What job needs more people to hire in Japan?

It is always hard time to find a good job in Japan. Job offers with good conditions and good salary are always beyond your capacity or working experience. If you don’t stick to the industry, why don’t you target a job with high ratio of job offers to job seekers? There are still a lot of companies that need more man-power regardless of wehther the exmployee is a foreigner or a Japanese. Let’s see what industry hires people a lot.