Japanese mobile carriers’ basic payment structure

Knowing basic charge structure is very important to simulate how much you burden on monthly basis. Major mobile carriers prepare various campaigns and discount offers from season to season in order to collect many users. But you will be confused whether your selecting plan is really reasonable if you don’t understand the basic structure. Before going to mobile carrier shops, learn the basics of your monthly mobile payment.

Japanese Cheap Pre-paid Sims’ functions and price lists

This is introduction of pre-paid SIMs for those who want to save budget as much as possible. I gathered much cheaper pre-paid SIMs in Japan. But I don’t guarantee its usability with its restrictive functions. If you need a mobile which minimum necessary functions, this is the ones.

Cheap mobile plans for those who stay in Japan for long term (a feature phone + SIM)

Feature phone + SIM is a realistic suggestion for those who look a mobile as just a took to contact to somebody. Mainly I wrote this post for you planning to live in Japan for more than 2 years and wanting to contract with major mobile carriers constantly but wanting to save your budget.

Smart phone + Cheap SIM which gives reasonable plans to those who stay in Japan for 6 months or less

I wrote the difference between Cheap SIM providers and Major Mobile Carriers. This is an extreme logic whether you choose by price or you choose by comprehensive usability. You can’t take both benefits. I explain pros and cons of Cheap SIM providers and Major Mobile Carriers.

Rental mobile shops which you can contract on the spot at Narita International Airport

When come to Japan for very short temporary visit, you need to prepare your contact means yourself. But you don’t want to use roaming service because its expensiveness. In that case, you have a choice of rental mobile. But it is not cheaper price decision than that of roaming service. Whether you use this in cheaper price is depending on how much you use. To save your budget, you are required to use rental mobile by design.

How to get your contact means by public wifi router and wifi spots in Japan

If you are really worried about making fixed term contract because you already burdened a lot of initial costs for moving in to Japan and cannot help drawing from your savings little by little until stable salary comes into your savings account, there is a solution that you can get your contact means by public wifi or cheap wifi router.

Things you need to take to a mobile carrier shop prior to making a contract

Things you need to take to a mobile carrier shop when you make a new contract are passport + resident card + bank documents or credit card. Documents you need to prepare for contracting are not a lot but there are several points you pay attention to in terms of document conditions to go through contract procedure smoothly. Check your conditions with this

How can minors make a regular contract with a major mobile carrier?

Environment surrounding foreign minors in Japan are pretty much restrictive and severe to make any contracts regarless of a mobile contract because we Japanese generally regard minors as dependents taken care of by parents until they become 20 years old.

I give a solutions how to make a regular mobile contract to such minors who need a mobile in Japan.