14 rules of a shared house to be prioritized to make when you rent a house with your friend

This post is about things on which you should prioritize to make rules when you rent a house with your friends. This is different from renting a room of a shared house run by a company. You and your friends need to make rules from scratch to make a living without troubles. Things written here are minimum required matters for room mates to keep.

How to greet neighbors when you move in?

This is post about how to greet neighbors when you move to the new place. Information is mainly about which neighbors you should greet, when you should greet, what to say for greeting. This post is an instruction for move-in greeting for people who live in Japan for the first time.

Social apartment which you can experience interactive life events.

If the purpose of your moving in shared house is not only making a living in Japan but also creating values with others and spending exciting interactive life with other room mates, a social apartment is one of the best choice for you.

What kind of people live in a shared house in Japan?

You can learn the overall tendency of residents of shared houses in Japan by gender, age and occupations.

How much does it cost for utility expenses of shared houses in Japan?

You can learn utility charges payment structure and market price of utility charges of a shared house. This post explains the point you should pay attention to before you make a payment and the warning point about usage of utility.

A working shared house which supports you to find jobs in Japan!

Although you came to Japan for working holiday, can’t you find any jobs to do? This is the best shared house that support a foreigners to find a employment. This is the first working hostel in Japan. However, a number of rooms are limited, if you find a vacancy then you apply as soon as possible if you want to receive a employment support.

The procedure process until you conclude a contract and move in a shared house

You can learn what kind process you are going to follow if you apply for a shared house.
Explain a series of procedure from application for a room to conclusion of a contract and moving in.

Cases of troubles you may face while you stay in a share house in Japan

You can learn cases of troubles you may face with a share house management company or landlord. This is explained with solution. Mainly troubles written here is about conflict between leasee and leaser from a lack of recognition about lease agreement.

Lease agreement conditions of a shared house that you must know before making a contract.

You can learn conditions of a shared house lease agreement from the aspect of Japanese lease law. Topics are about things you pay attention to before making a contract and conditions that you must know about contractual period, contract renewal, contract cancellation and so on. You just check this not to be at disadvantages on a contract.

Daily necessities you should prepare to move in a shared house

You are probably worried that what you should prepare to move in a shared house although so many diary necessities are already prepared in a shared house. I picked up things you need to prepare at least before moving in.