I explain here what to do after you come to Japan for those who have already acquired a visa that is allowed to stay in Japan for more than 3 months. This is an instruction to tell you the necessary procedures you need to go through until you settle one place in Japan.

Where and how you can get a resident card?

A resident card is a kind of identification card that proves that you are qualified to stay in Japan. All foreigners living in Japan is obliged to take it wherever they go. If you don’t have a resident card you are looked as an illegal immigrant. You must prioritize to take care of this first.

How to do resident registration in Japan

Doing resident registration is to notify that you become a resident of the city to a municipality. After registration, A resident certificate is issued. This is one of very important certificates you have to prepare when renting an apartment.

How to decide where you live in Japan

Being able to find a place to live is worrying you the most in Japan. There is a unique custom that you must remember when you rent an apartment or shared house. You just learn how to look for your place to live in step by step.

How to open savings accounts in Japan

Receiving salary. transferring a rent through a saving account is a must to servive in Japan.
Japanese banks set conditions to open savings accounts. You just check the conditions with your visa status whether you can open a bank account or not.