The only way you can search commuter pass fare about your boarding section (JR East)

For those who don’t understand Japanese, this article explains a commuter pass sales site in English, which tells us a commuter pass fare about borading section between the station where you get on and the station where you get off. What you do on this site is just inputting the station names.

How to fill the application form of a JR East commuter pass

Unfortunately, Applying for a train commuter pass in Japan, JR East prepares no English application form now. You can’t help somehow understanding how to fill in the form and submit it when you make a payment at a ticket office. I explain how to write a commuter pass application form in English here.

At any rate, I want to go to Tokyo station by Narita Express!! How to buy a ticket with a ticket machine?

When arriving Narita international aiport, long queue in front of a ticket office always annoys you especailly when you are in hurry on your way to Tokyo. In contrast, a ticket machine section is fully available. Let’s learn how you can buy a Narita Express ticket with a ticket machine and save your time!!

Basic knowledge of station numbering

Railways are stretched around like spider web in Tokyo. Stations are everywhere. Numbering station is very good idea to find one station you want to get on even though you done ‘t understand Japanese. You just learn station numbering to be able to go wherever you want to by train.

13 train rules you should at least keep in Japan

Japanese people are extremely hard on someone who breaks rules. If you break rules, nothing may happen to you directly but you must come under scruitiny. If you want to stay comfortable in a train, just keep 13 rules and don’t trouble anyone around you.

How to buy a Shinkasen ticket online

When moving a long distance quickly in Japan, a bullet train is indespensable. However, information you can find on the internet about a ticket is written in Japanese and how to buy a ticket always makes you trouble even though you’ve already decided where to go. I explain easily the process on how you can buy a shinkansen ticket here.

How to buy Suica card

A rechargeable contactless smart card always gets you easy to enter a ticket gate effectively. If you save a certain amount of balance in a card, you can go through a ticket gate easily whenever you want without buying a ticket. Here, I explain how to get Suia card issued by JR.

4 steps to get on a local train without knowing how to buy a ticket and railway route chart in Japan

This article is for a very bigginer, who come to Japan for the first time and know nothing about Japan. Probably, public transportation you frequently use after coming to Japan is a train. Then, you should learn how to get on a train first.