Is it possible to bring over your parents from your country and live with them together in Japan?

If you stay for long time in Japan, you may worry about your old mother whom has no one to look after. Although you have built firm local infrastructure in Japan and have preparation to accept your parents to live together, unfortunately, Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act doesn’t prepare a visa to bring over your parents in Japan.

So except for temporary stay visa, it is impossible to bring over your parents with a type of visa that allows applicants to stay for long time in Japan for the reason that you look after your parents.

The situations where you can bring over your family into Japan

To look after your daughter’s childbirth or grand children

You need support from your parents temporarily while living in Japan, your parents enter Japan with visa status “temporary visitor”. If your parents explain the situation to an immigration officer, they can enter Japan easily.

Maximum length of stay is 90 days. After the entrance into Japan, there is a case that temporary visa renewal for an extension of stay was accepted with the reason that estimated date of delivery was delayed, physical condition was not really good after childbirth. But this case is emergency exceptional measure. The number of acceptance of visa renewal is only one time.

How long you can stay with renewed visa is depending on the discretion of an immigration bureau by judging from your situation.

Medical treatment

Due to creation of a medical-stay visa, foreigners have become able to come to Japan for the purpose of medical treatment or hospitalization. This visa allows your parents to stay in Japan to receive extensive medical treatment services such as not only medical treatment in a hospital but health screening, medical check-up, detection survey, dental treatment, Onsen treatment within 90 days.

However, length of stay in Japan for treatment is within 90days. If you need your parents’ visa renewal for an extension, need to submit treatment plan indicated by a doctor.

To bring over your parents to look after your children

A thinkable case is like parents live with son or daughter’s family, who work for a Japanese company. If your parents are granted permission to stay, visa status “special activity” is issued to them but it is not that easy. An immigrant bureau examines individual home environment and so on, so it is meaningless to imitate application content of someone who passed the screening. You are required to prepare logical application with sufficient evidence and explanation that can persuade immigration officer completely.

In a case that your parents don’t have relatives to depend on in your home country

This is the case that your mother or father doesn’t have relatives to depend on in your country after the death of your either parent. Especially, in China, because of one child policy, it is not hardly that parents living in China don’t have anyone to rely on but their only child working in Japan. In this situation, it is possible to apply for visa status “special activity” to bring over your parents into Japan but this attributes its screening results to individual condition so this visa status issuance is not exactly sympathetic measure for people who don’t have anyone to depend on in their country.

The reason why it is difficult to bring over your parents into Japan

Status of residence system

There is no clear visa status to bring over parents living overseas in the present status of residence system. For that reason, we don’t have effective measures in Japan and an immigration bureau cannot help examining individual conditions carefully by the requirement of visa status “special activity”. Therefore, the screening criteria is very unclear for general applicants. These factors makes applicants difficult to get a visa.

Japanese financial difficulties

For the past few years, Japan has been facing critical economic condition because of fincancial deterioration. As is of the case with even Japanese people, there are some who can’t receive necessary medical treatment and spend human life.

The Japanese government with these actual circumstances has really negative attitude towards acceptance of foreigners to support as medical purpose and other purposes.

Livelihood protection

Needy people demanding livelihood protection to the government has increase rapidly after the big earthquake in Japan now. Along with it, the government pays a lot of attentions to securing funds.

For this situation, the government is really sensitive about an entrance screening to examine weather or not there is possibility to increase additional expenditure if accepting relatives of people living in Japan from their home countries.

Japanese medical technology

There have been a lot of demands of people from overseas that they wanted to receive Japanese advanced medical treatment but now, medical technology can be transferred easily and it is not very difficult to receive more advanced medical treatment in other countries. For that reason, even though you hope to let your parents to receive Japanese medical treatment, the Japanese Immigration Bureau question why you choose Japan to let your parents receive medical treatment in Japan although there might be some suitable for your parents to go to.

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