In this article, I want to explain how you can get ” certificate of food hygiene supervisor” (Shokuhin-eisei-sekininshashou = 食品衛生責任者証).

Stall business permission is for the stall and its equipment. In contrast, this certificate of food hygiene supervisor is for those who start stall business. Prior to starting your stall business, you are obliged to allocate at least one food hygiene supervisor in your kitchen. However, if you already have the following qualifications, acquisition of this certificate will be exempted.

  • Dietician
  • Confectionery Hygiene Master
  • Hygiene supervisor regulated in Slaughterhouse law
  • Work hygiene manager regulated in Slaughterhouse law
  • Ship dish person

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health

Allocate at least one food hygiene supervisor

When you open your stall, just one of your staff acquires this certificate. For example, if you want to do this stall business with your wife or your husband together, either one of you needs to get this certificate.

This is needed wherever you are doing the stall business. If you get this certificate once, you can do your stall business in any prefectures and any regions within the valid term (5 years)

How to get the certificate of food hygiene supervisor

Joining “Food Hygiene supervisor training seminar” held by the Food Hygiene Association located in each municipality is the primary condition to get this certificate

Source of reference

The above picture is the certificate that you can get when you finish joining food hygiene supervisor seminar. Stall owners mostly put it in a frame and hang it on the wall and if it is needed to be submitted to an organizer of a festival, they submit a copy of the certificate.

What you learn at the seminor

  • Sanitary science (1 hour)
  • Hygienic regulation (2 hours)
  • Food Hygienic science (3 hours)

The seminor is only held a couple of times a year. If the seminor date gets close, a notification letter will be sent to all applicants. You don’t miss it, otherwise you have to wait until the next year to start you stall business.

How much does it cost

Food Hygiene supervisor seminor fee
Membership of food hygiene association 7,000 yen
Non Membership of food hygiene association 10,000 yen

Substentially, paying Food Hygiene supervisor seminor fee is equal to registering the membership of food hygiene association. You will have a choice to apply for the seminor as non Membership of food hygiene association but you will not be able to receive benefits from the food hygiene accociaiton. As much as possible, I recommend you to become a member of food hygiene association

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