The video that explains multilingually how to fill out the application form for the special benefit, 100,000 yen, which is as one of the emegency economic measures for Covid-19, has been published for foreigners living in Japan.

The payment of 100,000 yen, as the special benefit, is subject to every single person who is listed on the Basic Resident Register as of 27th of April, including foreigners having the residence certificate, who are granted visa to stay in Japan for over 3months.

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If you know more about the outline of this special benefit policy, you can read the article down below.

10 things you should know about 100,000 yen benefit as one of the emergency economic measures in Japan

The comapny, supporting foreign labors in Japan, has received succesive inquries from foreign labors as “technical inters” about application procedures for this special benefit so it has published the video that explains the application procedures in total 10 languages in corporation with the company managing the video posting site.

The video explains that the head of the household needs to receive the benefit on behalf of the family and applicants need to send back the application form sent from municipality after filling it out. Additionally, it also expalins how to fill the application form of transferred saivings account in due order.

The company running the video posting site, named “SOEASY” said that “there are quite few people feeling anxious to termination of employment contract. We want everyone to feel relief from anxiety as soon as possible by submitting the application form in reference to this video that explains application procedures multilingually and receiving 100,0000 yen.”

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