According to Oricon Inc, which is a rating company that supplies statistics and information on music, the moving company, “Prorow moving service” was ranked in the second at moving plan and cost performance in moving department rankings surveyed by Oricon in 2019.
Quoted from moving companies rankings by Oricon

Prorow has frequently ranked in the top ten at various ranking categories in moving department rankings since its rating has been started by Oricon.

However, in fact, there is a big gap between estimation by the ranking and reputation of the users. For those who plan to use a moving company, moving companies ratings are a really helpful indication to find a good mover but there is a lot of information that you never realize until you use the mover.

Avoiding risks of damage to furniture by a mover, knowing the reputations of people who have ever used the mover is way more realistic when you decide which mover to choose.

You just keep it in your mind that when you decide a mover, you judge whether or not, you use that company comprehensively not only by the cheap quote but also by the people’s reputations.

Actually, Prorow is a very famous mover in the moving industry in a bad sense. There are a lot of movers rating sites on the internet but its reputation tends to be very bad from the customers who used Prorow. Let’s see pros and cons of Prorow.

Prorow ‘s profile

Prorow has established in April 2001, which is a relatively young mover in the moving industry. In Oricon ranking, although so many of small to medium-sized movers missed ranking in the Oricon’s rating, Prorow has been keeping the high position in the rating.

In 2018, Prorow ranked in 11th at overall ranking of the moving department. Prorow is categorized as a small to medium-sized mover but its ranking results overwhelming other small to medium-sized movers.

But in reality, bad rumors and reputations are outstandingly unceasing in Social Network Sites

Prorow’s English page

Prorow’s bad reputation from the customers

Depending on the person, there are various viewpoints about mover’s services. Especially, on the internet, bad reputation tends to spread around. However, the percentage of bad reputation about Prorow is extraordinarily high in most of mover’s rating sites.

I just want to introduce Prorow’s services that have particularly bad estimation from the customers here.

Sales person’t behavior

  • Although I called to make sure the service content, the sales person pressured me to take a quotation persistently.
  • Although I turned down the quotation offer, the sales person came all the way to my house and step inside forcibly.
  • The sales person pressured me to show the quotation of the mover which I have already contracted with.
  • The sales person made new quotation which is much cheaper than that of the mover which I have already contracted with and pressured me to switch a contract.

The above example is the situation where you have already made a contract with another mover after you got competitive quotes from Prorow and other movers.

Even if you already contract with a mover, it persistently demands you to show the quotation of mover that you contracted with and pressure you to switch the contract.

Never compensate for the damage

The largest number of word of mouth from the people who used Prorow is about the Prorow’s stance that never compensated for the damage of furniture

In the Japanese moving industry, unless there is clear evidence that the staff broke your stuff while carrying it like mover records on a paper that it guarantees damage compensation
even if you report the fact that you witnessed the staff broke the furniture at a later date, there is no liability for the mover to compensate for the damages.

However, if it is obvious to all that damages of the furniture are caused during moving work, even if the mover is never obliged to guarantee the compensation, it is willing to guarantee it in order to protect its reputation and credit.

Prorow is notorious about its irresponsible stance that it deliberately attributes the damages of the furniture to the customer.

For example, although it knows the fact that the staff broke the furniture, it explains the furniture was already broken before carrying it and pretends that nothing happened while carrying it.

Avoiding this kind of trouble, movers in Japan are doing moving work in accordance with the rule called “standard moving and transporting conditions”, created by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

However, Prorow is doing the moving work in accordance with its unique rule created by Prorow and it causes many troubles with customers one after another.

Causing the damages of furniture is closely bound up with moving work. No movers have never caused property damage accident since they started their business. Even taking this into account, this mover is the worst ever.

Hokkaido is the best market for Prorow.

Prorow has the cheapest quotation for moving to Hokkaido in the moving industry. Prorow provides the service at half the moving cost of other major moving companies.

Pororow’s head office is located in Hokkaido and the number of trucks going back from the Japan mainland to Hokkaido is way more than any other moving companies. This is the reason why Prorow providers the moving service at the cheapest price in Hokkaido.


The following three things are the most concerning points to Prorow for the users who posted comments on the moving companies raiting site.

  • Never compensating the damages of furnitrure
  • Bad staff quality
  • Suggesting the cheapest price for moving to Hokkaido

This company has pros and cons but actually has a lot of cons that give disadvantages to customers. If you fully rely on this article to decide, you probably decide not to use this company. However, there is one aspect that this company is supported by not few foreigners.

If everything goes smoothly, you don’t have complaints about the service. However, just remember that knowing a bad reputation before making a contract can hedge and reduce the risk of facing troubles and having disadvantages.

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