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Transporter Tokyo is a moving company based in Ota-ku, Tokyo. It only takes charge of moving work in Tokyo area.

CEO of this company started this moving business from scratch by himself with one small truck, costing 90,000 yen in 2009. He has steadily made effort to gain credit from customers since he started with no reputation and no credit.

CEO of Transporter Tokyo

As long as seeing his name, he is Okinawan.

Company name
Transporter Tokyo
Tetsu Kishaba
2,000,000 yen
300,000,000 yen
Number of employees
Number of offices
Inquiry form
Inquiry form

Moving service content

This company advertises itself as LLC (Limited Liability Company) in the moving industry. The word of “LLC” known generally in Japan indicates cheap airline companies that tries to provide the services as optional ones as much as possible to reduce initial boarding cost.

Transporter Tokyo’s services are roughly divided into basic service and optional service. Except for the basic service of carrying in and out, transporting, and placing furniture, optional service price is set detailedly

Basic service

  • Packing furniture
  • Carry in and out
  • Transporting
  • Protective covering (put a protective covering on the floor before working to prevent damage to it)
  • Placing furniture

User optional service

  • Packing small things into a box
  • Unpacking and cleaning up
  • Keeping your stuff temporarily in a walfare
  • Disposing of unwanted items
  • Collecting materials which is used for moving work
  • Card board box and duct tape
  • hunger box
  • Futon bag

Who is the target?

As long as I saw the gallary of pictures on the facebook page, sigle or couple foreigners seem to often ask this company for moving. On the other hand, I couldn’t find any pictures of Japanese customers. Apparently, this company squeezes its target to foreign people from English speaking or French speaking countries.

Basically, this company is good at providing moving service for a single customer or couple customers

From Toyko Transporter’s Facebook page

Friendly and cozy staff

A moving worker visits your place with one small truck. According to reputation, moving work is done in a very friendly mood. Sometimes, you may need to help a moving worker to carry furniture in a truck to do moving work smoothly.

Basic moving charge is from 12,000 yen

If you live in Tokyo within 23 special Wards and need only a moving worker, plus all your stuff is small enough to carry in one small truck, it quotes from minimum 12,000 yen. Of course, depending on the size of the furniture, the number of boxes, transportation distance, moving charge will more or less fluctuate.

The cheapest moving rate in Tokyo is that 7500 yen quoted by a moving company, “K.A.Center”. The minimum moving rate that Transporter Tokyo discloses is not really cheap in the Japanese cheap moving industry. However, I think this 12,000 yen is a really reasonable price in the sense that the moving costs strongly affect the quality of transporting furniture.

Too cheap movers have a problem of credibility to the quality of whether or not, it can transport your stuff without facing troubles and causing damages to your stuff. If the moving charge goes down, moving worker’s quality goes down proportionally. When it comes to thinking about the risk that you need to put your effort to collect compensation for the damages of your furniture to the mover, avoiding choosing the mover that quotes the cheapest moving rate and choosing the mover that quotes the standard moving rate is way smarter.


This moving company has few reputation from the customer. The reputation I could somehow refer to is only some short comments written on the facebook page under the picture. So far, I have never found any bad reputations about Transporter Tokyo.

I collected informatin I could somehow find from Transporter Tokyo and other moving rating sites as much as possible. However, if anything, information on this article is a little to the Transporter Tokyo because of a few information.

If there is someone who used this mover, I wanted to know the impression. To maintain the neutrality of moving information, I want to have user’s information.

Anyway, if you’re interested in this mover, you just take it easy and feel free to ask this mover for a quotation.

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