Moving-S provides services from the client’s perspective. Especially, the flexibility of moving plans to customer’s request is outstandingly higher than any other moving companies.
Plus, moving rates are really reasonable. This mover is willing to respond to your negotiation.

Mover’s information

Company name
Moving S (Mover)
Masayuki Yamada
10,000,000 yen
Established in
January, 2003
Number of employees
Head office
Inquiry form
Inquiry form

Moving quote

MovingS’s quote is relatively cheap compared to other moving companies. The following table is about the rough standard prices by the number of users. These are the start (minimum) moving price roughly quoted by Moving S. Depending on the size of the furniture, the number of boxes, transportation distance, moving charge will more or less fluctuate.

Rough standard price

Rough standard prices
14,000 yen ~
Couple, Sinior
20,000 yen ~
Family of tree
36,000 yen ~
45,000 ~

Quoted from here

The following is the example of realistic quotes which is average values calculated with the moving cost of the users who provided information on the moving rate sites. This time, I surveyed information of the users from the internet, who moved wihin 50 km. All I was able to understand from the result is that the their moving charges tend to get close to average moving prices in proportion to using optional services and trasporting long distance.

Realistic quotes
Single Couple Family
Normal Season ( From May to February) 42,500 yen 63,500 yen 84,500 yen
Busy Season (March, April) 68,500 yen 93,500 yen 149,500 yen

The following table is the average market prices of moving charges in Japan surveyed by “Hikkoshi Zamurai”. You just look at the columns in pink. Its price range is pretty much equivalent to the realistic quotes which I surveyed. After all, when a customer requests a “usual” moving service by adding some optional services and leaving any of miscellaneous jobs to the mover, the moving charge become closely the average prices of the moving industry.

Market prices of moving
Single ( a few moving boxes) Couple (many moving boxes) Family of two Family of three Family of four Family of more than five
Overall average 37,000 yen 50,000 yen 78,000 yen 100,000 yen 108,000 yen 110,000 yen
~15 km 25,650 yen 35,000 yen 65,000 yen 76,000 yen 91,350 yen
~50 km 31,000 yen 43,000 yen 70,000 yen 111,500 yen 116,000 yen
~200 km 47,260 yen 62,350 yen 97,500 yen 150,500 yen 160,000 yen 190,000 yen
~500 km 58,000 yen 85,000 yen 180,000 yen 205,000 yen 255,500 yen 345,000 yen
More than 500 km 80,000 yen 105,000 yen 200,000 yen 300,000 yen 350,000 yen 357,500 yen

Quuted from Hikkoshi Zamurai

The moving quotes which make you think “cheap” only subdivided service prices. Usually, the major moving companies sell moving service as an all-in-one without preparing any optional services. However, cheap moving companies have rich subdivided optional services whose prices are set individually with basic moving service.

The feature of Moving S

The moving S has good credibility from the customer steadily and acquires the certification of “safe mover” from Japan National Truck Association.

Moving-S provides some optional moving services for free, which other companies provide for a fee. For example, cardboard boxes are free. You don’t need to get your clothes out of your closet. Staff will carry and place laundry machine and other large home electric appliances in installation sites.

During moving work, you may find old furniture and home electronic appliances which you want to discard. Moving-S will buy second-hand furniture and discard your unnecessary electronic appliances for free. It also rates things you want to sell. If you take advantage of these free services, you can somehow save the moving cost less than the first quoted rate.

If you make a contract by way of Moving-S’s homepage, the moving charge becomes 10 percent off.

Moving-S basic service package

Cardboard box ✔️
Duct tape ✔️
Futon bag ✔️
Wiretrap investigation ✔️
Packing materials ✔️
Protective covering (put a protective covering on the floor before working to prevent damage to it) ✔️
Hunger box ✔️
Moving insurance (damage compensation is up to 10,000,000 yen) ✔️
Picking up used cardboards ✔️
Cleaning up fridge, microwave, laundery machine ✔️
Rating and buying second-hand stuff ✔️
Pucking furniture ✔️
Carrying a closet without taking clothes out ✔️
Assembling and disassembling furniture and bed ✔️
Keeping your stuff in a warehouse temporarily ✔️
Placing laundery machine and a dryer ✔️
Installation and removal work for lighting ✔️
Renting cleaner and cooler box ✔️
Packing matress ✔️
Free consultation for troubles of apartment you’re going to newly live in ✔️
Inspecting Internet connectability ✔️

Various Moving-S optional plans

Single plan For those who move alone or have a few boxes to carry (14,000 yen ~)
Lady plan Only lady staff visits your house and do moving work. Men are not applicable (14,000 yen ~)
Couple plan For copules. (20,000 yen ~)
Optional services Furniture installation work, carrying piano, transporting car, transporting pet, keeping furniture in a warehouse temporarily etc…

Moving area

Hokkaido, Tohoku region

Hokkaido, Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Miyagi

Kanto region

Tokyo, Kanagwa

Kansai region

Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama

Kyushu region

Fukuoka, Miyazaki

At the moment, people living in Saitama and Chiba can’t be applicable.

Bad reputation

  • Although I notified that there is a case that general car navigation sometimes doesn’t display accurately around my living area and told to use google map when coming here, a salesperson finally came late because he didn’t know what I said on the phone. People in this company seem to be not really good at sharing the client’s information among them.
  • When negotiating quotes with a salesperson, although I negotiated price cuts about the basic plan including laundry machine installation and he accepted the condition, he told me that the quote didn’t include laundry installation later on the phone and I ended up negotiating the moving quotes again.
  • After confirming a contract content and telling I decided to contract on the phone when I asked the staff to make sure if the contract date was later then he answered “Yes”. However, what the staff brought to my house at a later date was only cardboard boxes without having contract documents. When I made a call again and asked why nobody brought contract documents, the staff on the phone answered me that our contract had already concluded on the phone. What a sloppy contract conclusion it is. I never use this company again.

  • When I requested a quotation, the person in charge was affable but in contrast, the staff’s working attitude during moving work was really bad. When carrying a mirror stand in a truck, two legs of the stand were broken. I wasn’t able to think that staff coming to my house were not professional with a sense of responsibility. They seemed to lack of consciousness to carry client’s stuff very carefully not to broke. How they treated my furniture was really rough enough to make me worry if it was broken. I don’t think I want to use this company again.

Quoted from Hikkoshi Zamuraiu

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