Yamato Home convenience is the subsidiary of Yamato Holdings which is famous as a holding company of Kuroneko Yamato Transport, which spread the transporting network around Japan.

Yamato Home convenience is one of the oldest movers in Japan. It has a motto of “providing the service to take great care of customer’s living space”. It confidently expresses creating trustful service given by the professional staff who received hard training its with the unique training system.

Mover’s information

Company name
Yamato Home Convenience
Makoto Wada
480,000,000 yen
Established in
September, 1985
Number of employees
Head office
Ginza, Tokyo
Inquiry form
Inquiry form

Moving service is not out of service under the administrative disciplinary action.

In January 2019, Yamato holdings reported that the subsidiary, “Yamato Home Convenience” received administrative disciplinary action from the ministry of Land because of illegal charging to the corporate customers

Currently, Yamato Home Convenience stops the moving business as one of the government sanctions for the injustice

Fraudulent fact is that YHC received moving charges at one the moving services, “Hikkoshi Rakuraku timely service” that YHC received orders from corporate customers without amending the billing amount for compensating when customer’s furniture and stuff are lost during moving work, whose conditions are even clearly written on the terms and conditions of the contract.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism judged that the corresponding YHC branch office went against Article 25, Claude 1, Motor Truck Transportation Business Act and took an administrative measure to YHC under Article 33, Claude 1, the same Act.

YHC received measures of “cessation of moving business and transporting”, and receive the order to improve operations based on these administrative measures.

Branch offices that received the administrative measure of “cessation of moving business”

  • Providing appropriate quotes and create a system that secures the condition
  • Building accurate confirmation system that obtains consistency between quoted content and actual amount of luggages.
  • Arranging appropriate terms and conditions about moving contract
  • Reviewing staff training system
  • Strengthing in-house compliance

YHC has been stopping every single moving service since August last year

As soon as YHC’s service starts, I will update the information about the moving service and moving prices in this article.

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