Nippon Express (Nittu) is the major transporter representing the Japanese transportation industry. It deals with a wide range of load and cargos. It is said to have nothing Impossible to transport, and have a policy not to reject any offers of transportation.

Regarding large loads of transportation, artworks transportation, animal transportation, railway transportation, international transportation, a company moving, Nippon Express is way better than any other transporters in Japan.

It is only a transporter that covers land transportation, maritime transportation, air transportation in Japan.

Mover’s information

Company name Nihon-Tsuun (日本通運)
Capital 70 billion yen
Established in Kenji Watanabe (CEO)
Number of employees 67,909
Head office Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact URL

Moving rate of Nittu

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If you are single, the moving rate starts from around 30,000 yen. Averagely, requester’s quote is between 40,000 yen and 60,000 yen regardless of a normal or busy season.

If you don’t distinguish your stuff between discarding items and carrying items systematically, your moving quote easily exceeds 100,000 yen.

Counting on cheap moving rate with quote negotiation too much is not really good. Making sure if you have something to discard before moving is one of the ways to reduce the moving cost because a major moving company sometimes lack flexibility in price negotiation.

Nittu is said the moving price is different between a quote and actual payment. Moving price of your actual payment is 10,000 yen to 20,000 yen less than the price written on the quote.

Ideal plan for single

There is a good moving plan for a single person, called “single package”. If you move with a short distance, you can receive your stuff at a new living place on the same day.

Other benefits you can receive are like you can get 10 cardboard boxes and 4 hunger boxes are lent for free.

Single package by Nittu (in Japanese)

“Single package plan S, L” is a plan to carry your stuff with a pulley container. This plan is for those who have small stuff and luggage. S and L is about the size of stuff.

S width 108 cm x length 74cm x Height 155 cm
L width 108 cm x length 104cm x Height 175 cm

Single package S, L plan page (in Japanese)

Moving plan for family

Moving plan for a family will change its moving plan content depending on how much staff supports the customer’s moving plan. In “Self Plan”, customers need to pack moving items into boxes and unpack the boxes after the boxes reach the customer’s new house or apartment themselves.

Regarding large stuff such as a closet and a fridge, staff will pack and carry out and in.

Self Plan page (in Japanese)

“Half plan” is for those who need the support of staff to pack items into boxes. During moving work, if you can make time to do moving work because you need to take care of your children not to disturb moving work, this “half plan” is the best choice which you can get great support of packing reasonably.

Half Plan page (in Japanese)

“Full plan” is for those who want to leave any moving works to Nittu staff. This is the most expensive plan for a family moving but furniture and appliances installation, placing small items back where it was before moving, taking packing materials are all included in this plan. There is nothing you can do but you just look on without doing anything until all the moving work is done.

Full Plan page (in Japanese)

Rich optional services

  • Vehicle transporting service
  • Piano transporting serivce
  • Piano tuner dispatching serice
  • House cleaning and housekeeping service (the previous house and the new house)
  • Discarding items pick-up service
  • Air conditioner and other appliances installation and removal service
  • Wiretrap investigation service

optional service page

English page has only contact form

Currently, there are no English pages that explain detailed moving information in Nittu. The only page in English is the contact form.

There is a global site of Nittu but this is a kind of corporative service which is way more businesslike. The services introducing on the Nitty’s global site is transportation from Japan to foreign countries.

At present, there is no moving information written in English on Nittu’s website. I introduced here basic moving information of Nittu in this article. If you want to know more about the service, please give me your comment below

Things to be noted before you request a moving quote

To reduce moving cost when you request a quote to a mover, there are some tips you must pay attention to. Before calling a mover, just read the article from the following link and please learn what you need to prepare in advance prior to requesting a quote.

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