“Best moving service” (ベスト引越しサービス) is a local-based mover based in Osaka and Kobe. Currently, it has advanced to Yokohama, Tokyo, Fukuoka. It streadily extends its moving area.

Best moving service Tokyo URL

This mover is famous for having a lot of repeat customers. Reasonable moving rate and good staff’s attitude are the reasons to be supported by a lot of customers.

Actually, it ranked in 10th in the mover’s ranking in 2019, managed by Oricon among highly competitive major movers although it is a middle-sized company.

Oricon movers’ ranking in 2019

Best moving service has another business related to second-hand retailing. So, it responds to a wide range of customer’s requests about unnecessary item’s pick-up.

This is one of the movers which is often introduced by real estate companies when a customer looks for a mover.

Mover’s information

Company name Best Service
Representative Kazuhide Demoto (CEO)
Capital 21 million yen
Established in July, 1994
Head office Higashi-Osaka, Osaka
Company URL https://www.bestservice.co.jp/en/contact/index.html(English)
Contact URL Contact Form (English)

Rough standard moving rate

Single Coupe Family
Normal season (From May to January) 3,1500 yen 4,9500 yen 6,3000 yen
Busy season (From February to April) 5,9500 yen 8,8000 yen 103,500 yen

4 basic plans

There are roughly 4 basic moving plans.

  • Ultra-economic course
  • Economic course
  • Easy course
  • aving everything course

The difference among these 4 basic plans is simply whether you pack and unpack your small stuff yourself or leave this work to staff. The following table is the quick reference matrix.

Ultra-economic course Economic course Easy course Leaving everything course
Packing small items Do it yourself Do it yourself ✔︎ ✔︎
Packing furniture, carry out and in ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Transporting ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Unpacking furniture ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Unpacking small items Do it yourself Do it yourself Do it yourself ✔︎

The difference between Ultra-economic course and Economic course is wehther or not, you designate the date and time beforehand and moving place is located within 20km. If you adjust your sechedule to this mover’s vancant date and time, your plan goes to “economic plan”

Optional plans

The following services are the optional one generating additional charges.

Installation work

Installtion support of appliances and furniture (TV, Air-conditioner, Laundery-machine, fridge etc…)
Packing and unpacking small items

Packing support of small items to be put into boxes (utensils, tableware, clothes, books, etc…)
Heavy stuff transporting

transporting piano, safety box, etc…
Vehicle transporting

Transportiong bike, cat, etc…
Picking up unecessary stuff

Assessing your unnecessary staff which owned recycle shop can buy and also picking up discarding stuff

Basic service included in every single plan

Cardboard boxes

Up to 50 (free)

Duct tape


Futon bag


Wire investigaton


Moving insurance

Nissei Douwa nonlife insurance (up to 10,000,000 yen)

Hunger boxes

Up to 5 (free)

Don’t miss discount days

Homepage of Best moving service place a calendar to let you know when is a discount day. Columns in blue is the dates you can get cheap rate in a quote. When you request a quote, you should roughly decide when you want to move in advance. You may be able to draw out very reasonable conditions from a salesperson.

Things to be noted before you request a moving quote

To reduce moving cost when you request a quote to a mover, there are some tips you must pay attention to. Before calling a mover, just read the article from the following link and please learn what you need to prepare in advance prior to requesting a quote.

5 important points to be noted before you request a moving quote from a mover in Japan

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