Before reading this article, if you haven’t opened your savings account in Yucho-Bank yet, you read this article first “how to open a bank account in Japan” and prepare for opening an account

There are two ways to go through the remittance procedure at Yucho Bank to remit money from Japan to another country between bank accounts.

  • Yucho direct (Internet banking)
  • Apply for international remittence at a window directly

Regarding Yucho direct, it is much easier way to remit money to another country but the problem is that this internet banking system is all in Japanese. A foreigner who don’t understand Japanese needs to go all the way to Yucho Bank directly. This time, I want to introduce the paper-base remittence procedure at a post office.

What you need to bring to a post office

  • International remittence request form (for remittence between bank accounts)
  • Bank pass book or cash card
  • Bank Inkan (Stamp)
  • Identification document (ID card)
  • Document that describes My Number (if you don’t register your number into your bank account)

International remittance request form (for remittance between bank accounts)

This is an application form of international remittance. It is called, “国際郵便振替請求書(口座間送金用)” (Kokusai Yuubin Furikae Seikyuusho, (Kouzakan Soukinyou)). You can’t get this form from a widow or a tray of a worktable at a post office. However, you just check if a post office you are going to deals with international remittance beforehand.

Bank Inkan (Stamp)

This is Inkan you made when you initially opened a savings account in Yucho Bank.

Identification document

Either of ducoments such as

  • Driver’s license
  • National insurance card
  • Resident card (visa)
  • Passport
  • Resident certificate

Document that describes My Number (if you don’t register your number into your bank account)

If you haven’t registered “MY NUMBER” to your savings account, you need to bring a document that tells your “MY NUMBER” (Japanese Social Security Number)

What is MY NUMBER?

If you don’t have “MY NUMBER”, You can’t go thorugh the remittance procedure. You should apply for MY NUMBER as early as possile if you have a plan to remit your moeny to your country.

Remittance available countries

→Just check from this link

Remittance charge

Transaction charge
Remittance between account (window) 4,000 yen
Remittance between account (Yucho direct) 2,000 yen

Maximum remittance

Yucho Bank doesn’t set remittance limit when you go through the procedure from a window. However, if the remittance ammout is extraordinary big money, there is a remittance screening before the procedure. Yucho Bank doesn’t define clearly from how much it considers that “big money” becomes.

For your reference, the following table is about remittence limitation of Yucho direct (internet banking). Please use Yucho-direct remittance limit standard as rough clieria when you think about how much you remit

Maximum remittance of Yucho direct
Frequency Remittance limit
Per transaction less than 1 million yen
Per day less than 2 million yen
Per month less than 5 million yen

Remittance screening if your remittance amount is judged as “big money”

  • You submit necessary documents to a windiow.
  • Rimmitence screening is done for about 3 weeks
  • Screening result notification is sent to your place
  • If you passed the screening, take screened international remittence request form and screening result notification to Yucho office.

How to fill out an international remittance form

saurce of reference

  • Reciever’s name
  • Receiver’s address and 7-degit bank account
  • Receiver’s bank information (bank name, branch, bank address and country, bank code)
  • Your bank account, name, address
  • Currency code Reference: Currency code by IBAN
  • Remmitance amount by currency of a receiver’s country

    If you remit more than 100 dollars, you need to fill in the amount of remittence including brokerage fee (7$)

  • The reason of remittence

    You shall write the detail as much as possible (You can write it in English)

Except for the column of the reason of your remittance, you shall fill in the form with uppercase

Other services

service conents charges
Investigation request 3,000 yen
Cancellation request 3,000 yen
Accident correction 3,000 yen
Reissuance of exchange certificate 3,000 yen
  • You can’t request re-issuance of exchange certificate issued in the United States
  • Possible term of investigation request is differnet depending on the country
  • This charge doesn’t cost you consumption tax

Investigation request

When finding out the fact that money you remitted has not reached to someone yet, Yucho uniquely investigate it within 6 months. This service is for those who remit money directly to someone’s address. If you use remittance between accounts, there are no such troubles.

Cancellation request

After remmitance procedure is done, when you realize a mistake on an international remittence request form you filled, you can make a cancellation request.

Accident correction

After sending remittance message from Yucho bank to a financial institution of the concerned country, if there is something wrong in remittance transaction at a financial institution of the concerned country, accident correction charge will be automatically
Accident correction is drawn from your Yucho account.

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