“Notification card” that notifies you to apply for the MN card will be abolished on May 25th this year. After it is abolished, issuance and re-issuance and procedure for the content change cannot be appied or accepted. If you need MN card, you need to rush to apply for this as soon as you can.

My number is Japanese Social Security Number. If you want to know what my number is and what my number is used for, please check this article first

There are roughly the following 3 ways you can apply for “MY NUMBER”.

  • Online procedure
  • Procedure by mail
  • Procedure by Photo Booth

However, all the procedure methods need you to understand Japanese. The Japanese Government prepare no English verison of procedure forms for all of three methods I introduced above.

So, I will introduce the most realistic methods, “procedure by mail” that you can apply for MY NUMBER by yourself with my support of this article even without understanding Japanese.

If you lost your MN Notification Card, “マイナンバー通知カード”, you just check how to apply for re-issuance of your Notification card from the following article.

What should you do if you lost your My Number Card? The procedure of re-issuance of your MN Card

How you can get an application form of MY NUMBER

After you submit your move-out notification to a municipal office, your resident registration is done automatically at the same time. →How to apply for resident registration

Right after your resident information is registered in municipality’s database,

  • Notification card
  • Individual Number
  • MY NUMBER issuance application form

are sent to your address.

This is MY NUMBER application card, sent to your place, which contains all Notification card, Individual Number, MY NUMBER issuance application form devided by a dotted line.

You seperate this into 3 cards by cutting a dotted line, then you have 3 cards.

  • Notification card
  • MY NUMBER issuance application form
  • Duplicate of application form

After that, you are going to have to fill in the middle form, “MY NUMBER issuance application form”.

How to write MY NUMBER issuance application form

  • 1, Individual ID Number (printed)
  • 2, Your name (printed)
  • 3,Your address (printed)
  • 4,Your Date of birth (printed)
  • 5,Your gender. (printed)
  • 6,Your phone number (printed)
  • “外国人住民の区分”, right next to the phone number column (I missed giving number on the above image). This is “foreign resident’s visa classification”. (printed)
  • 7, “在留期間等満了日の有無” is about if your visa status has expiration date. (printed)
  • 8, Expriration date of your visa status (printed)
  • 10, Application date Format: YYYY年MM月DD日
  • 11,Wirte your name your shall write the same charators as the name printed on the Notification card. If your name is printed in Alphabet, you write your name in Alphabet and if your name is printed in Katakana, you write your name in Katakana. If you don’t have Inkan, there is no need to stamp on 印
  • Photo ID. Height 4.5 cm x Width 3.5 cm. Photo shall be taken within 6 month. Wearing no hut and cap with plain background

  • 12, Here is a form to write information about someone who applys for MY NYMBER in place of you

Information on the front side of the form is already filled in.

All you have to do here is to check if written information on the form is correct. If everything is correct, you fill in the application date and your signature in the backside of the form.

When giving a signature on the form, you need to write the same characters as the name printed on the Notification form . For example, if your name is printed in block alphabet, you write as it is. If your name is printed in Katakana, you write as it is. Don’t write your rough autograph as you do in your country.

If you find something wrong with your current information on the resident certificate or resident card, you just make a call to a municipal office where you submitted a move-in notification.

Prepare envelop and send it

You can download this form from here

In the right side of the document, there is a section surrounded by a dotted line. In the bottom of the section, you write your name and address and post code.

You can write your address in Alphabet but don’t forget to write a post code because a letter with an alphabet address is mistakingly categorized as an international mail. Then, it will take a long time to reach your document to the MY NUMBER department

  • Write your name and address in a dotted section of a document.
  • Cut off along a dotted line from a document and paste it on the envelope vertically
  • Put only MY NUMBER issuance application form
  • Put an evelopt in a postal post


MY NUMBER issuance notification

After you send MY NUMBER issuance application form, MY NUMBER issuance notification is sent to your place. It takes around 1 month from the day you send MY NUMBER issuance application form.

This MY NUMBER issuance notification tells you the place where you can get MY NUMBER. Mostly, MY NUMBER is issued at municipal office near your apartment or house.

In the orange part on the above image, there are stickers attached on it to hide information behind. You just remove stickers on the front side of a letter. The following information is written behind it

  • Municipality name
  • issuance place name
  • issuance place address

Information is all written in Japanese. If you don’t understand Japanese, you should ask someone to help you read the information.

You just check the place where you can get MY NUMBER from this letter

In the back side of a letter, there is a form to fill in information about a person who gets your MY NUYMBER in place of you in case you can’t go and get MY NUMBER yourself. In this article, I leave out information about how you can ask a person to go through the procedure MY NUYMBER in place of you.

Go to an issuance place (city office, municipal office)

What you have to bring to an issuance place

What you do at an issuace place

Decide your password for MY NUMBER electornic certificate Available chractors are alphabet and number. Alphabet shall be uppercase from A to Z. Number shall be from 0 to 9. At least, one alphabet and one number need to be included in your password. The number of charactors are from 6 to 16.
Decide your passcode for MY NUMBER electornic certificate Decide 4 degit numbers

All the procedures are done

After registration of your passcode and password, you receive MY NUMBER card on the spot.

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